natrl box water

One solution won't fit all

We all know that plastic water bottles are bad for the environment, but it's hard to find a sustainable and practical alternative that works for everyone. Millions of plastic water bottles are produced each year and most of them end up in our oceans and landfills. Plastic takes centuries to decompose, so this is a huge environmental problem.

natrl™ box water is a new solution to support people who want to use quality natural mineral water and cut out plastic bottles. The UAE currently only has desalinated or distillation options for simple drinking water, and not everyone is comfortable with drinking chemically treated tap water. If we want to consume quality mineral water, we turn to the bottled water from various brands that still use a lot of plastics. natrl™ box water - the first ever bulk option for natural mineral water - was created to support eco-conscious people who want quality mineral water without the plastic bottles.