How to recycle your natrl™ box

Together we can make an impact

natrl™ box water uses 90% less plastic and all our packaging is sourced in Australia from reputable, sustainable forests and suppliers. Our cardboard box and bladder are 100% recyclable.

The big difference between natrl™ box water and other boxed alternatives is that our bladder slips out of the box and can actually be recycled along with the box. It is not fused to the box, which would make it impossible to recycle.

For us to continue our impact, we need to make sure we recycle our boxes and bladders properly so it doesn't end up in a landfill. natrl™ box water has tried and tested numerous recycling companies in the UAE, but few could offer us a one-stop true solution for our bag and box. One passed all the criteria with flying colours and guaranteed that not a single part of our natrl™ box water would end up in a landfill when we use their services.

Meet Ree®, the UAE's revolutionary new recycling solution that allows you to trace your recyclables from your doorstep to the end of the loop while rewarding you for your efforts

Ree® is natrl™ box water's official recycling partner.

Ree® provides its members with real-time accurate data on how much recycling they've generated and is 100% transparent with where everything goes, leaving members with peace of mind that their recycling efforts have not ended up in a landfill. Ree® collects plastic, cardboard, paper, metal, aluminium, glass, e-waste and textiles making it a turnkey solution for recycling.

Ree® offers two options for their recycling collecting services

VIP Service:

From the comfort of your home, with the VIP pick-up service for only AED 75 per month Ree® will collect all your recyclables up to 5 times a month

Basic Service:

Head over to the nearest cage and drop your QR-coded bags in it for free and Ree® will do the rest

As part of our sustainability efforts, Ree® is offering all our natrl™ customers 20% off the Ree® VIP Subscription for the first 6 months.

For more information on our special offer or about Ree® please feel free to contact: