100% New Zealand

natrl™ box water is from one of the cleanest place on Earth

New Zealand’s geographical location makes it one of the purest water sources on Earth, with no neighbouring industries, manufacturing or associated pollutants present. This means the rain water quality is untainted and pure.

Postcard perfection as you look down at the islands of New Zealand. The rugged snow-capped mountains to the west, spill into a mosaic of colour on the plains, hemmed by the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. This is where you’ll find the natrl aquifer - a prodigious water resource located deep underground. And it’s here where natrl™ box water is formed 100% naturally.

natrl™ box water is naturally filtered over a span of 60 – 70 years to provide the most sterile and pure water available on the market today.

The name “natrl™” is used to highlight the inherent quality of our New Zealand water. It is 100% natural, sterile, pure and free from any chemical treatments. The name also indicates our mission of keeping nature’s well-being at the heart of everything we do.