Our Mission

Together, we can make an impact

One solution won’t fit all. To have a global impact we will need to have numerous options that cater to all kinds of people and tastes.

We need to look at different approaches to help the UAE - and the world - make smarter choices by giving them simple, cost effective solutions that don’t leave them feeling like they have compromised on their quality of life. This is why natrl™ wants to support natural mineral water drinkers in offering a product that is sustainable and a much better option than buying PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles that can contaminate the mineral water within them.

natrl™ box water is not trying to compete with five gallon water bottles or home filters on taps, as they do provide a solution to help the fight against plastic use. We 100% support them as they too are vital at reducing plastic waste. Our comparison is really with that of 10 x 1L PET bottles vs what we offer in our 10L bag-in-a-box.

natrl™ box water is a paper-based alternative to conventional plastic water packaging, which allows natural mineral water consumers to say no to plastic bottles and make eco-friendly choices when hydrating. Our sustainable practice includes our boxes being sourced from 100% recycled paper and using small amounts of plastics that are 100% recyclable. natrl™ box water also flat packs when empty, so this helps to reduce bulky items filling up landfill sites. The box and the bag can be split easily, making this a truly 100% recyclable product, unlike some of our competitors where you cannot split the plastic inside coatings from the paper box.

natrl™ box water is the most affordable mineral water available in the UAE market today. Our mission is to make quality natural mineral water affordable and sustainable.